PLANT | BIER is dedicated to harnessing the power of the beer past to improve the quality of your life.  Our beer is brewed with the highest quality ingredients, through the lens of optimizing one's health.  We are on a mission to bring back the power of HERBAL ANCIENT BEER, all while ensuring great taste!

Peter Franck, Founder | CEO


Water is the foundation of all life on planet Earth - including beer.  The forces of adhesion and cohesion sustain all forms of life.  

You are what you drink.   

Our goal is to leave a "zero water footprint".  WE ARE ON OUR WAY.  Did you know that it takes 7 gallons of water on the average to produce one gallon of beer?  Through an agreement with a technology company,  we will be utilizing (for our beer) and selling 'WATER FROM AIR VAPOR' devices ($1,849 - message us to order).  Proceeds will help support this initiative to raise awareness regarding the powerful technology that we collectively can harness.  Only with an increased public awareness can we make this technology more affordable and sustainable (i.e. solar more  vs electric driven).  THERE WILL BE A DAY WHEN WE NO LONGER HAVE TO RELY ON SCARCE AND CONTAMINATED GROUND WATER.  With your help, we can quickly make that happen together. 






We strive for all ingredients to be organic and non-GMO.



Life is about doing the things that we love, which also improve our health, including drinking LIFE PROMOTING beer! 

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BOTANICS, HERBS, and SPICES have been used in beer for over 7,000 years........... as a platform to OPTIMIZE WELLNESS.


Herbal Ancient Beer.

What Bier Always Was, Again.

Refreshing Botanic Bier, Ancient Power.

Resurrecting old school, Ancient Bier.

Bier that works. Functional Bier.

Welcome to the past of the future.

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